How to find the perfect rental

If you consider that house hunting is like a giant target, a group of concentric circles with the center being the bull’s-eye, the process should be simple.

The outer ring is price! You need to determine how much you can afford and want to spend each month for rent. Calculate how much you want to afford for utilities, this can help you determine whether or not you can afford refrigerated air conditioning or must rely on evaporative cooling, as an example.

The next ring should be size. How much room do I need, how many bedrooms and baths? Can I live with a two bedroom or do I really need a three-bedroom?

The next ring should be location. Where do I work, what part of the city to want to live in, where do my friends live, where is my church, hobbies, etc, are all questions that need to be answered to help identify the location of your next home. Keep in mind that  that price and size may dictate your location. If as an example you really want a three-bedroom home in the Catalina foothills, but can only afford $600 per month, you may need to revise your location requirements. You see, something has to give.

With all this taken into consideration, you will hit the bull’s-eye every time! And with the help of our site and our experienced leasing agents to guide you, will help you get settled in a new Bancroft Home.

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